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Volvo Cars
Volvo started its first production in 1927 and is steadily growing since then with breakthrough innovations. Volvo also has factories in various countries like Belgium, Sweden and China. Wide range of vehicles is being produced by Volvo maintaining its quality of brand irrespective of the type of car- Sedans, SUVs, and Sports cars. Volvo Car group is the property of Zhejiang Geely Golding Group (Chinese). Volvo is proud of its management team and Volvo customer service that have experienced in many centuries with good code of conduct in both ethical concerns and business standards. The mission and vision of Volvo cars include progress of its brand in the entire world.

Various Services
Volvo offers and provides various services like support, accessories, wheel kits, assistance, Apple carplay, maintenance and repair, my Volvo vinter, price indicator and finding dealers. Customers can easily configure and buy Volvo after booking a test ride. Dealer can be found in the official website only to reduce frauds in the dealerships. Brochures and price lists are also updated in the websites periodically so that customers can know the price of the car correctly through Volvo customer service. Offers are also displayed int he site to increase sales. Some of the additional service provided by Volvo cars is fleet, Volvo financial services, Volvo car insurance, military diplomat expat, government auctions etc.

Contact Volvo Customer Service
Volvo makes all arrangements for customer issues in the website itself in the form of frequently answered questions. But if customer does not find answers to the questions, he or she can contact the company directly and write to the address: Belux Volvo car, customer service, avenue hunderenveld 10, 1082 Brussels, Belgium. Customers can also call to Volvo customer service at: 02/ 482.71.11. After-sales services are provided at 02/ 482.72.22 and customers can also email for after-sales services to [email protected]

Road Side Assistance
For any road side assistance, Volvo cars can be reached at 0800/ 15 475 or +32 2 773 61 12. With this assistance, Volvo cars protect the customers 24 hours a day which operates for 7 days a week. When the customer is travelling any European country, he or she can call to the toll free number anytime for any kind of assistance which will be provided in the customer’s own language. With such kind of Volvo customer service, customers have high degree of trust and confidence on the company which is the prime reason for its success in the entire world.

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