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Zalando is an entity that gathers young professionals from around 100 countries. And, they infuse with great passion. With some business instinct, Zalando became popular as an online fashion leader which delivers various fashion products to the customers’ homes across the entire Europe. In 2008, online shopping was  highly unsafe and unsecure. But in 2015, Zalando is being operated in around 15 European countries with collaboration from different brands so that customer can do secure and convenient shopping through their laptops or desktops. Zalando is now especially known as e-commerce giant in Germany where the company has relative economic base with regards to other nations along with Zalando Customer Service.

Zalando Belgium

Wide Range of Products

Zalando has products for all age groups- children, men and women that suits for different tastes of customers. Jeans is the unique product in Zalando stores as it perfectly has all kinds of models, washes- boot cut, skinny, straight and all kinds of decorative items for a casual look. Many brands are available in their online stores with wide range of collection so that customers have many options for them to pick their products from many brands that suit their budgets. They maintain a wide range of categories through their online store. And, various projects are running in order to provide best Zalando customer service.


Zalando Customer Service

Zalando Customer service is provided to customers in various forms. If any customer wants the resolution, they can directly  approach to various solutions given in their help topics. Help is available in their online page. Customers can also click the sub section in order to get solutions for their issues very quickly. Payment, gift vouchers and discounts, returns and refunds, dispatch are all maintained in separate pages under the heading “customer service”. Customers can simply contact these services so that they can get answers for their doubts very easily.

Zalando Customer Service

Free Customer Service

Customers can contact free Zalando Customer service anytime at: 0800 490 80 through phone. Customer service is however available from Monday to Friday (8 AM to 8 PM). And, on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM. Customers can also approach customer service by filling “contact us” form provided in their official website. This form asks for customer details like name, email, subject and the final field for the description of issue. Later on, the customer service employees directly come into contact through the concerned email provided by the customer. Zalando is also active in various social networking sites like twitter, facebook etc.

Zalando Shopping

Zalando Belgium FAQs

  • How to sell my products on Zalando?

Zalando is a full-fledged, full-grown, qualified, and well-developed Marketplace platform that deals with the only fashions category products. It started in the year 2008. Zalando, however, holds just one mission and that is to offer the best fashion accessories to its customers across Europe because they believe that it is the only element that drives customer sales and satisfaction.

Zalando is now going to shake hands with Weekday, and it is setting up the next milestone towards its vision to make its products and services available anytime and anywhere and become the one-stop destination for all brands in Europe.  On the other hand, gaining access to over 13+ million customer stand is not as straightforward as it looks, as retailers have to regulate themselves with Zalando’s acrimonious requirements. So, do the research work and find where you could fit into the mix.

Key Highlights:

  • There is the only place where the seller’s name appears that is product listing pages.
  • Preference is given to Zalando’s products.
  • Zalando offers free shipping policy and a 100-day free returns policy, which you will be expected to offer as well.
  • Guidelines For Selling On Zalando
  • If you want to sell products on Zalando, you must have your own online e-commerce store.
  • If you don’t then do get a website prior to applying so as to avoid outright rejection.
  • You should sell clothing, shoes, sportswear and, equipment or fashion accessories,
  • You are advised to offer free delivery and returns and be willing to give a 100-day returns policy and provide to ship.
  • eCommerce – Enhance & Optimize Your E-commerce Site is the Official channel partner with Walmart, Sears, Newegg, Tophatter, and Fruugo.

Hence, if you are inspired to sell the products on Zalando then you need to Enhance & Optimize Your E-commerce Site. For additional queries on Integration related and selling on Zalando visit its official help desk.

  • How did Zalando Start?

Zalando started out with a simple idea in the year 2008, and its main motive was to offer its customers a comfortable way to buy shoes online. David and Robert are the founders of this company. They used to consume a lot of time looking around and speaking to customers in shoe stores. They discovered that customers generally look for the same thing that is- an updated collection of all the popular brands with a large assortment of shoes in every size, style and colour.

A combination that brick-and-mortar retailers could hardly provide. An online store, in turn, could offer consumers across the globe access to the same assortment with an unprecedented choice of products. But it was one realisation that defined what David and Robert set out to do: above all, shopping for fashion and shoes are an emotional event. It is the emotional struggle that turns clothes into your new favourite outfit, with the first impression being just as valuable as a detailed presentation.

Note: You will need to contact them and request to be directed to their Sales/Business Development department. From there, you would get the details on what they ask for.

  • Where is Zalando based?

The main “HQ” offices are all found in Berlin (Germany). However, there are locations in Dortmund (Germany) and Hamburg (Germany) as well. Besides, there are two international technology hubs in Dublin (Ireland) and Helsinki (Finland), and an office in Paris (France).

As for warehouses, there are in Erfurt (Germany), Monchengladbach (Germany), and a new one is being built close to the French border. There´s also an outsourced warehouse in Italy.

  • How to delete the Zalando Account?

If you would like to quit Zalando services or if you just want to delete your Zalando account, you can connect direly with the Zalando’s customer service to close your account permanently. Since there is no other way out to do it yourself on their website. So, connect with them now to cancel your account permanently.

  • What is Zalando Lounge?

Zalando Lounge is service provided by Zalando Belgium that offers access to its exclusive members to brand name products at affordable prices.

Discounts can be as high as 75% of the recommended retail price. Zalando Lounge holds no fixed catalog or range of products, opting instead to provide members with daily, time-limited sales promotions on leading lifestyle & fashion leads, as well as luxury brands. The products which are on offer ranges from shoes and clothing to accessories, sports apparel and even homeware. Their promotions are temporary with stocks being limited.

So, once their items are sold out, they cannot be re-ordered.

  • What is the difference between Zalando and Zalando Lounge?

Zalando and Zalando Lounge are entirely based on two different concepts. Zalando Lounge provides its members with daily, time-limited sale campaigns with up to 75% of discounts to the recommended retail price. On the other hand, Zalando offers a fixed collection of products and services to their customers.

  • What is the minimum order value on Zalando?

There is no minimum order value. If you are a Zalando Lounge Member, you are free to place an order in any quantity. Moreover, there is no limit for small-volume purchasers.

  • How do I return an item?

Through the options below, you can send an article from Zalando back to them. Send you a Partner article back? Then follow this process;

  • Return your return shipment free of charge to a bpost point
  • Return your order in a bpost parcel machine

Do you live in Ghent? If yes, then make a takeaway order with “ZALANDO CALLS UP”

On the supplied return form you can tick the articles that you will send back. You put this form together with the articles in the box, and on top of the box, you stick the received return sticker. Make sure that the original barcode is removed from the box:

If (part of) your order consists of partner articles, they would request you to send them back to the partner in the separate package in which you received them. You will find the documents you need to do this in the package itself. The online registration of this is not possible.

If you cancel the contract, they will refund the purchase price (including standard shipping costs) as soon as feasible, as but no later than 14 days after the cancellation. They can wait with refund until we have received the items back, or you have shown that you have delivered the items, whichever comes first.

  • How to fix the Zalando’s shopping cart?

If you are not able to put items in your shopping cart, it is possible that the security settings of your browser need to be changed. Their customer service will gladly assist you if you cannot figure it out yourself.

  • What is the delivery time?

Log in below to track your package;


They currently use a delivery time of 2 to 5 working days (Mon-Sat).

If (part of) your order consists of partner articles, you will receive these in a separate delivery that is sent to you directly from the partner. This may mean that the delivery time of these partner items differs from the delivery time of the Zalando items.

Do you want to receive it faster? This is possible when they offer Express Delivery!

Please note: in the payment method prepayment the package will be sent as soon as the payment has been received.

  • How can I have my order delivered abroad?

It is not possible to have orders delivered abroad. But with your “My Zalando” login details you can also log in to the international Zalando shops.

That way you can place an order during your holiday in Spain, for example in the Spanish Zalando shop.

  • How do I sign up for the newsletter?

Unsubscribe is possible via the link at the top or bottom of the newsletter or via my newsletter in your Zalando account. If you are logged in and do not see a button, this means that you do not have an active registration for the newsletter.

Important: You are advised not to classify the Zalando newsletter as spam in your e-mail system. If you do this, it may happen that you do not receive other e-mails from them, such as order confirmations.

  • How do I search for items in Zalando?

There are various ways on their website to find the product you are looking for. With the search bar at the top right of the site, you can search specifically by typing in your search. Just enter the term you desire, and all relevant search results will be displayed. With the search bar, you can search for ‘black pumps’, ‘children sports’ or ‘evening wear’. Pay attention to whether you stand on the ladies, gentlemen or children.

Another way to search is to browse through the different categories. First select the desired type in the navigation at the top of the homepage of the website, for example ‘clothing’ or ‘shoes’. Then you can use the menu on the left to refine your search by choosing a specific category, for example, “shirts” or “ankle boots”.

You may see a lot of search results. Simply reduce the number of results by applying filters. You will find these above the articles. For example, you can filter on characteristics such as brand, size, and color to refine the search.

The items can, therefore, be sorted according to some specifications. You can find this under the category on the right. The specifications are:

  • Most popular (the most sold items are shown first)
  • New (the newest items are displayed first)
  • Highest price
  • Lowest price
  • Sale (discounted articles are displayed first)

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